Saints Row 4 Officially Debuts, First Trailer Released

Hot on the heels of their acquisition by Koch Media earlier this year, Volition have released the first official trailer for the much anticipated follow up to the madness of 2011’s Saints Row: The Third.

The trailer gives gamers looking forward to the game a glimpse of how exactly Saints Row, and certainly gives players a look at how Volitian, are attempting to top the sheer insanity of the last Saints Row game. The trailer gives players a slew of quick glimpses of what the full game is set to offer – the biggest reveal of which is that the Third Row Saints look to be gaining inFamous style superpowers. The trailer also pegs a US release date on August 20th and a date for EU gamers of August 23rd.

While Saints Row IV began life as a standalone expansion to Saints Row: The Third called “Enter the Dominatrix”, it was later expanded to become a fully fledged game in its own right. The game is set to follow on a year after the events of Saints Row: The Third with the boss of The Saints going from celebrity to President of the United States and being tasked with escaping from a virtual simulation of Steelport and saving the world from an alien invasion.

Apart from the poor direction they’ve taken the title of the game,  Saints Row IV looks like something to keep an eye on and I expect to see more of the game at PAX East this year.

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