Ubisoft brings ManiaPlanet Games to Steam

Ubisoft brings ManiaPlanet Games to Steam

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In an attempt to mend its frayed relationship with PC gamers, Ubisoft is bringing Nadeo’s ManiaPlanet games to Valve’s Steam service.

Fans of the series and stellar arcade racing games can now pick up Trackmania 2: Canyon for the price of $20USD on Steam. With the older games in the series, Trackmania Nations, United and Forever, being relatively popular on Steam, it’ll be good to see the next installment of the series – which is set to allow players to mix and match environments from other ManiaPlanet games – finally make its way to Steam.

Additionally, gamers can also preorder the upcoming Shootmania: Storm and Trackmania 2: Stadium on Steam for the discounted prices of $17USD and $8USD respectively. Both of these expansions to the ManiaPlanet lineup are set to be released in April with Shootmania marking Nadeo’s first foray outside the racing genre. Unfortunately, there’s no word yet on when the action RPG-inspired QuestMania will make its way to Steam, but gamers who can’t wait to try out Shootmania can download the current beta client right from Steam.

It’s good to see Ubisoft at least try to mend their sworded relationship with PC gamers, and although I’ve had my doubts about Nadeo being able to apply their fun approach to game design to genres other than racing, Trackmania has been a series that has pleasantly surprised me since I first tried the free to play version a few years back.


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