‘Deus Ex’ – Movie and Sequel Speculated – Part 1: Sequel

This article is part one of two, where I will be detailing both Scott Derrickson and C. Robert Cargill’s movie adaptation and Square Enix’s filed trademark for a sequel. In this part I will be talking about ‘DE:HR’s possible sequel.

December 16th, 2010 @ 10:17:31

You read it right: Deus Ex – specifically Deus Ex: Human Revolution – is getting both a film adaptation and a possible sequel!

The news about Deus Ex: Human Revolution getting a movie is a few months old, but a recent update has risen it to my attention. As for the it getting a sequal, the rumour has only just a few hours ago come to light. For sake of ease, I’ll be going through both topics in reverse order. Adem Jensen never asked for this, but I’m sure Deus Ex: Human Revolution fans did — probably.

Written in an article by CVG, the possibility of Deus Ex: Human Revolution getting a sequel came as a surprise to me. I haven’t actually played Deus Ex: Human Revolution, but I’ve just finished watching a playthrough of it. It’s not the same as actually playing it, but it’s the closest I’ve gotten to.

Deus Ex: Human Defiance might be Human Revolution’s sequel. The trademark was filed on Square Enix’s behalf by attorney representative Williams Powell. The application was sent off yesterday (February 26th), and was later dug up by a boffin over on NeoGaf — possibly a few hours later.

Now, whether the game actually merits a sequel: honestly, I think Deus Ex: Human Revolution is fine on its own. Its endings wraps up the game quite nicely, really. I suppose one of the endings could hint towards a sequel (that being a sequel to the prequel), but apart from that, nothing really suggests a sequel — to me, anyway. Unless, of course, you include the ending that links to the original Deus Ex, but that’s not really hinting to an upcoming prequel-sequel now is it? Well technically the original Deus Ex is, but that’s not the point I’m trying to make.

This is it for part one, where I talked about ‘DE:HR’s possible sequel. In part two I will be detailing Scott Derrickson and C. Robert Cargill’s movie adaptation. Stay tuned!

Chirps to CVG, NeoGaf.

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