Microsoft May Reveal Xbox 720 in Early April


Gaming news as of late – from what I’ve seen – is for the most part regarding everything concerning the announcement of the PlayStation 4. As much as I am hyped for Sony’s next-gen console (which, of course, I am), it’s not escaped me that there’s someone missing in the next-gen line-up. Though Microsoft have yet to officially announce/confirm any activity concerning the Xbox 720, there is a rumour going around that said console will be making its debut this April — in response to the PS4.

This rumour came about a couple of days after the PS4 reveal last week (specifically, February 22nd). Apparently, an increasing number of developers and industry officials have said that Microsoft will reveal its next-gen Xbox in April – according to what was told to CVG. Even some Sony employees are making the same claim, too. One Sony official in particular (who remains unnamed) said they were informed that the unveiling of the PS4 had “at first caught Microsoft off-guard“, and that they had “definitely ruffled some feathers.”

Whether this is truth, confidence or arrogance on said Sony official’s part (or on part of the higher ups which told them), I like to think that the statement is genuine, and that Sony are being sporty in the race to the next Console War. Colour me naive and a wee bit childish, but I like to think of this as Sony’s latest comeback to a years-long one-up-manship with Microsoft: “Haha, we revealed ours first! What’re gonna do now?!” To which Microsoft’s response is “” Which isn’t that far off, because when OXM caught wind of the rumor they requested comment from Microsoft. What they got back was just a “we don’t comment on rumour and speculation” response. Boo!

I digress. It is said that Microsoft will show off their next-gen Xbox in a one-off event in April. Whether they will – and actually show a working prototype of the console itself instead of a controller – remains to be seen. Develop commented that revealing the new Xbox in April might be seen as a surprise, given that Sony has already made this first move. In all honesty, I’m surprised Microsoft weren’t the ones to make the first move, since for while last year Sony were very cagey about revealing any intention of participating in the next-gen console race.

Even though this is just a rumour, there is grounds for some validity. One clever boffin over on NeoGaf has connected some dots, leading to a speculation that there very well might be something appearing over the horizon with Microsoft and Xbox. Specifically, the connected dots concern the recent registration of by Eventcore (formerly ustechs), a company who organise and execute large-scale events, and who only claim domain names for the events they are organising. They have apparently been responsible for Xbox’s E3 presentations, which leads to the speculation that they may be organising something for the next Xbox.

Whether this rumour is true or not, only time will tell. Here’s hoping that the next upcoming Console War will be less MMS as the last one. Please, more sci-fi!

Chirps to CVG, OXM, Develop and NeoGaf.

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