Bungie And Activision Reveal ‘Destiny’ – An Evolutionary FPS

Do you hear that, off in the distance? It’s the sound of Destiny calling from the furthest depths of the future, along with a supposedly ambitious evolution of FPS games as we know it. Early on this morning, a press release has announced that Bungie – the father of Halo – and Activision – bigwig publisher of big titles, such as Skylanders Giants – have together unveiled the first sneak peak of their partnership. The fruit of this collaboration, Destiny, will apparently be the next advancement of combining a first-person action adventure with a fully dynamic world.

‘Destiny’ combines Bungie’s trademark grand scope, sci-fi storytelling and adventures with visceral first-person action gaming that takes place in an unfolding, cinematic universe,” the press release states.

Additionally, ‘Destiny’ delivers a unique social gaming experience to consoles by offering players a connected, living world that they can explore, combined with vibrant social spaces where they can congregate and celebrate achievements, and share remarkable adventures grouped with friends or solo.

Destiny will cast players into the distant future, where humanity is beaten and broken, and has lost nearly all that it processed, and a once Golden Age has faded. According to the game’s story arch, the player takes on the role of a Guardian, a defender of the last human civilisation on Earth, and must embark on an escapade to try to reclaim the lost worlds of humanity.


To do this, players must wield tremendous power extracted from technology that saved the remnants of humankind, in order to take back what has been lost.

Destiny’s story-driven saga unfolds to the player a universe that will immerse them into a bold, new world. Filled within this world are a wide range of seamlessly connected activities (such as social interactions, and cooperative and competitive play), all tailored to bring the player off the couch and into another world.

What’s interesting about this new franchise, is that Bungie will be developing Destiny’s graphical engine to bring Destiny to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 as well as the upcoming next-generation consoles. Bungie and Activision seem to be in this for the long haul.

‘Destiny’ is the game that we’ve been dreaming of building for years. We couldn’t be more pleased about our extraordinary collaboration with Activision. We finally have the right partner, team and technology to bring the experience to millions of players worldwide,” said Harold Ryan, Bungie president.

‘Destiny’ will draw players into a world filled with mystery, action, and adventure, but most importantly, ‘Destiny’ is more than a disc in a drive, it is a living social universe filled with other players.


Activision reiterated that, although Bungie’s anticipated new world was revealed today, it will not included Destiny’s launch in its 2013 outlook, and there should be no speculation or expectation of a different result. I’m interpreting this as meaning that Destiny might be a 2014 release. We’ll just have to see.

Personally, I’m very much looking forward to seeing Destiny hit the shelves, as well as experiencing the things it has to offer. I believe it will be coming out for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, and maybe PC too (hopefully), as well as having a mobile counterpart, but I do not have evidence to back that up as confirmed.

If you’d like more information on Destiny, visit the pre-order site www.DestinyTheGame.com. Alternatively, you can visit a particular Bungie forum post, which has bountiful amounts of information in it. For exclusive updates, you can like Destiny’s Facebook and/or follow them on Twitter (@DestinyTheGame).

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