Tribes: Ascend Getting Game Of The Year Update

In a video update released through their Youtube channel, Hi-Rez studios has unveiled plans for a massive content update to the popular free to play online FPS Tribes: Ascend.

This Game of the Year update is set to bring six whole new maps to the game alongside a new weapon and the ability to purchase everything that Tribes: Ascend has to offer for a flat fee of $30USD through Steam.

Of the new maps being added to the game, three are Capture The Flag and three are Arena maps. The new maps are as follows: One of the CTF maps – Bella Omega – is a revamp of a map previously in the game while another – Blue Shift – will offer entirely new experiences for Tribes players. Lastly, Hi-Rez is set to offer veterans players of the series a truckload of nostalgia by resurrecting a classic from the series history – Canyon Crusade Revival. On the other hand, the new Arena maps being added to the game (Undercroft, Whiteout and Fraytown) are all entirely new.

Additionally, the classic Shocklance of previous Tribes games is being added with the update and it’s unique mechanic of dealing more damage from behind looks like it’ll make a fine addition to the games already considerable arsenal. Hi-Rez are also shaking up the game’s meta by adding shields to radars and turrets. Overall, the update looks like it’s going to bring new life to an online game that’s already proven itself to be a blast and a strong contender in the online free-to-play games scene.

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