Steam Linux Launches With Week-Long Sale

After nearly four months in beta, Steam’s Linux client is finally finished and available for download on the Ubuntu App Directory, and to celebrate, Valve is having a week long sale on all games in the Steam store that support the platform.

To celebrate the long-awaited arrival of Linux gamers to Steam, Valve has put all 54 Steam games that support the platform on sale until February 21st. Early reports are saying that the Linux client is solid and the range of games available for Linux gamers looks good with a lineup full of great games like Counter-Stike, Bastion, Amnesia, FTL, Trine, Killing Floor and World of Goo. Valve are also promoting Steam’s Linux release by giving all Linux gamers who hop on and play Team Fortress 2 before the 1st of May with a special tradable Tux Penguin accessory. While the unique item might be free and easy to acquire now, it’ll be no surprise if in a few months it becomes as scarce and valued as the earbuds that Valve used to celebrate the launch of the Mac client.

Valve’s Linux client has clearly come a long way since it went into beta last December and it’ll hopefully encourage more developers to support the platform. While I personally have never used Linux, I know plenty of gamers who do and I’m certain they’ll be delighted at Valve’s work to make Linux a stronger platform for gaming.

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