Brutal Legend Is Finally Coming To PC

Double Fine’s metal-inspired action adventure strategy hybrid game Brutal Legend is finally making its way to PC gamers via Steam.

Along with the announcement that the genre-bending game that combined Jack Black, Tim Schafer and the best that the world of metal has to offer is coming to the PC, gamers looking to get their hands on it can preorder it for $15 ($5 cheaper than the $20 price-tag set for the game’s release). Valve or Double Fine have yet to confirm a release date for the long awaited PC version of the game.

In addition, there is also a special Soundtrack Edition of the game (which comes with 108 tracks of glorious metal featured in the game) and all those who preorder will have the chance to play around with the beta of the game’s eight-player multiplayer skirmish mode. The PC version of the game is also set to include both of the multiplayer DLCs that came out on consoles (‘The Hammer of Infinite Fate’ and ‘The Tears of The Hextadon’). Lastly, the game comes with two new items for Valve’s popular war-themed hat simulator Team Fortress 2(Eddie Rigg’s haircut and his guitar-axe-hybrid Clementine).

While the game received mixed critical responses when it first came out on consoles in 2009, I was a big fan of the game and am excited to see it finally come to the PC. Brutal Legend was a unique and original title that deviated from Double Fine’s usual adventure game shenanigans to incorporate elements of action games, open world games and even real time strategy games to bring gamers an experience worthy of the world of metalheads and headbangers.

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