Slender: The Arrival Beta and Preorders Now Available

As the follow-up to last year’s viral Unity game ‘Slender: The Eight Pages’ nears release, its developer has outlined the myriad of pre-order options available to gamers looking forward to getting their hands on the game.

While Slender: The Arrival will set you back $10 when it finally releases, players who preorder are able to get it for half of that (although developer Blue Isle Studios have given gamers the option to pay the full $10 if ‘you are feeling generous’). Gamers can pay another $5 to grab the soundtrack (bringing your total to $15) for the game and another $10 on top of that ($25 all up) to get their hands on a special edition that comes with five pieces of downloadable art for the game. Extremely devoted Slender fans can even pay $60 to get their name in the game’s credits by purchasing the Producers Edition. Additionally, all players who preorder the game will have the chance to play around with the game’s beta and explore a revamped version of the haunted forest of the first game.

With a release date of the 23rd of March, Slender: The Arrival looks to be a strong follow up to last year’s extremely popular Slender: The Eight Pages. However, it will be very interesting to see if the cult-following that the first game picked up after it went viral will latch onto the sequel in the same fashion.

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