Nintendo remains resolute over Wii U sales projections


Despite disappointing sales for the Wii U and despite lowering its official sales estimate for the console for the rest of the financial year, Nintendo has no plans to lower the price of the console.


Satoru Iwata, the current President of Nintendo, made it ‘absolutely clear’ to investors that prices would not be lowered, largely as a result of the manufacturing cost of the console. There are lessons to be learned from the 3DS, another Nintendo console which failed to meet sales expectations and was subsequently cheapened in price, but which Nintendo is beginning to redeem through a consistently increasing library of games.


This is one example to learn from, but there are others. The Sony Playstation 3, for example, began as the most expensive system on the console market. Following a price reduction, and a few years, it is now the most popular system currently available. The Wii U is so far distinctly lacking in a credible game library, and with its high price to boot there seems to be little aside from the uniqueness of the console, and the fact that it’s Nintendo, that gives it any appeal. Like Sony, it needs to overcome this.


With a number of new titles having been recently announced there may be better things on the horizon for Nintendo, but it needs to start conforming to what gamer’s want: reasonable prices, a large game library to explore, and to be able to brag with confidence to their friends that they picked the right console. Gamers can always go elsewhere, Nintendo, and with all the rumors going around about the upcoming consoles from Sony and Microsoft, you have a lot to contend with.

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