The Next Playstation Set To Debut On Feb 20th

The Next Playstation Set To Debut On Feb 20th

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Sony has released a teaser video that many expect is building hype for the reveal of the next Playstation.

Sony’s teaser video ends with the cryptic date of February 20th and the in the aftermath of the hype and speculation about the video, the Wall Street Journal is reporting that ‘people familiar with the matter’ have confirmed that Sony will debuting its new console via the live streamed press conference. The WSJ article also reported that the Sony’s new console would be available to consumers in time for the 2013 holiday season.


With rumors flying around for both the next generation hardware of both Sony and Microsoft through all of last year, it’s good to see a date finally attached to the next Playstation, code-named Orbis. Being the first out of the gate in the reveal and release of their next console is a bold and potentially crucial move for Sony as their tardiness in this regard has haunted the PS3 through the entirety of this console generation.


The video games industry has arguably been stagnating over the last year or so with developers reaching the peak of what they can accomplish with the current generation of consoles and consumers becoming less enthusiastic about big AAA titles (something that the underperforming sales of Nintendo’s Wii-U and 3DS could be seen as a sign of) hopefully the excitement that accompanies a big announcement like that of a new console can inject new life into the industry.


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