Fourth Penny Arcade Game Detailed By Zeboyd Games

Details regarding the fourth (and rumored to be final) installment of Penny Arcade’s On The Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness have begun to emerge alongside hints of Zeboyd’s plans following the series conclusion.

The two-man team that comprises the studio – Robert Boyd and Bill Stiernberg- revealed the first details about the final installment of the series in an interview with IGN. Boyd explained that in response the criticisms of the third game’s linearity, the fourth is set to include numerous optional areas, secrets and secondary routes through the games main dungeons. Steirnberg also elaborated that the new installment in the series would have a greatly enlarged scope to its story with it being set in a fully explorable overworld rather than the single city of the third game.


The interview also touched on Zeboyd’s unique and collaborative approach to the series’ story, while the first two installments were written by Penny-Arcade co-creator Mike Krahulik and the third by Zeboyd (based on an outline by Krahulik), the final installment is being written as a true collaboration between the two parties.


With the Penny Arcade Adventures series coming to a close, IGN also asked what gamers can expect to see from Zeboyd next. The pair revealed that their next game would be a “sci-fi/spy RPG” codenamed ‘CSH’ set in the distant future and a female protagonist. The studio is looking at putting together a new engine for the game that matches their lofty ambitions. According to the pair,  “Chrono Trigger has held the position of best 16-bit style RPG for too long — it’s time for that position to be challenged!”

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