Nintendo Seeks to Save the Wii U’s Lacking Library


In today’s Nintendo Direct live conference, Nintendo unveiled a myriad of new titles to be released on the Wii U, a console which had previously been lacking the impressive library we’d all been hoping for. Such epic announcements include a new Mario platformer, Mario Kart and Legend of Zelda!


The two titles set to star Nintendo’s mascot are both going to appear and be playable at this year’s E3, as will the upcoming Super Smash Brothers sequel. The upcoming Mario platformer is being developed by the team behind the Galaxy series and Super Mario 3D land, and although little has been revealed as of yet, this certainly inspires confidence. Sadly, the titles have not yet been announced, so no hints.


A lot of Nintendo’s older fans will be ecstatic to hear about other upcoming additions, such as a new side scrolling Yoshi game: a cross between the gameplay of the classic N64 game, Yoshi’s Story, and visual style of Kirby’s Epic Yarn. ‘Yoshi Land’ is being made under the supervision of the director of Yoshi’s Story and Yoshi’s Island, Takashi Tezuka.

In addition to the new releases, a HD version of the Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker was also announced. Anyone who remembers the Gamecube’s fantastically rich ocean exploration adventure will be overjoyed with this one. The images of Windfall Island look stunning, adding to the fresh yet controversial aesthetic we were first treated to back in 2002.


According to Eiji Aonuma, its release is designed to tide us over whilst the newest Zelda title is completed. This future instalment will be a throwback to the very first game; That is, concepts such as being able to complete dungeons in different orders are being experimented with, and there were even hints of a multiplayer mode. The released footage, showing Link fighting gigantic Gohma like spider in a ruinous temple, certainly looks impressive. The prospect of experimentation for the series is definitely a welcome concept, even given the challenging dungeons and the not-so-challenging, yet exciting, bosses for which Hyrule is renowned.

And for anyone who only recognises Marth, our favourite swordsman with a blue bowl cut, from the last two Super Smash Brothers, you’ll be pleased to find that a new addition to his own series is also in development. Leaving little clues, a short reveal video showed that Fire Emblem will be meeting with Shin-Megami Tensei, also known as the Persona series, though how this will work is yet to be revealed.

After the unimpressive library of the Wii, and the disappointing release titles of the Wii U, it looks like Nintendo is finally heading in the right direction.


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