Starbreeze Confirms A New Co-Op Sci-Fi Shooter In The Works


An update to Swedish developer Starbreeze’s website has confirmed that a new co-op science fiction first person shooter is in currently in development by the studio.


The Starbreeze website lists the game under the name STORM and there’s no details for the game on the website apart from the title, genre and small non-descriptive preview image (which is likely a placeholder) however the listing does feature the following enigmatic message:
“It is our future”


There’s been some speculation by gaming media outlets that there may be a link between the recently announced Storm and another Starbreeze game – the quietly forgotten Cold Mercury – which fell under the radar’s after the CEO of Starbreeze spoke out against the free-to-play business model that the game was rumored to be based around, claiming that the studio was “never going to do free to play”. The game also does sound remarkably reminiscent of the gameplay offered by the co-op mode in last years Syndicate.


Starbreeze is a developer with an exceptionally strong track record boasting critically acclaimed games like The Chronicles of Riddick and The Darkness as well as last years Syndicate reboot. Storm is now the third game in development at Starbreeze alongside the sequel to 2011’s Payday: The Heist (After Overkill Software was bought by Starbreeze in April last year) and Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. The latter being a collaboration with Director Josef Fares. While Storm’s science fiction aesthetic and first person shooter gameplay is likely to be at this point traditional


Starbreeze fare, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is looking to break tradition and allow the studio to delve into the world of adventure games.

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