Dead Space 3: Catering to impatient players with money to spare

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Have you ever wondered, given the regularity of zombie outbreaks nowadays, why nobody ever has ever used it to make some quick cash? Well, in the upcoming Dead Space 3, they’ve done just that.


Players will, in this installment, be able to use their own money to buy better weapons and upgrades earlier on in the game.


Associate producer Yara Khoury claims that it’s for less ‘savvy with exploration’; those who ‘don’t want to take the time to go and find resources…’


That’s not to say that all weapons will be available to players with money to burn: weapon creation and progression will still be limited, as materials will vary depending on your stage in the game. The marketplace will also accept in game currency to purchase these goods, and so in return for patience and grit there’s now advantages not just in building skill but saving cash.


‘Scavenger bots’ are to remain important for this: finding loose materials in obscure or hard to reach places, whilst avoiding the undead alien menace someone was kind enough to apply to your budgetary considerations.


We’ll see next month, when the game is released, whether the hassle of exploration and zombie slaying necessitates this kind of short cut.



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