Disney Infinity: It’d take a Disney Princess to afford the merchandise

Disney Infinity: It’d take a Disney Princess to afford the merchandise

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Disney’s upcoming virtual theme park, Disney Infinity, offers kids the chance to collect, interact and play as their favourite characters, from Jack Sparrow to Mr Incredible. The only problem will be convincing their parents to buy it for them when it comes out in June.


The game itself is to be sold in ‘starter packs’, which will include figurines, play sets and the ‘Disney infinity base’, and will cost over £60 on most home consoles. With individual characters costing £14.99 on Amazon and the total of 13 characters that will be available on release this means that the full collection could cost over £300! The developers, Avalanche, may be responsible for the ‘Tak’ series, but they’re far from being big enough for Disney to be able to use anything other than its own name to stress that the game will be worth it. Given that kids can now get into Disneyland Paris itself for free, it’s difficult to see how Disney could justify these prices to a large audience.


As with most Disney games, this is something for kids and die-hard fans. The closest game that comes to mind is ‘Skylanders’, which follows a similar style of making players buy characters separately from the main game, and to be fair the prices for the new ‘giants’ are on a similar level to these Disney figurines. But honestly, with games out there which have a huge myriad of characters that won’t cost anything more than the game itself, this kind of marketing stinks of gambling on how much parents are willing to spoil their kids. On the one hand, maybe I’ve just turned into a bitter, economically minded 21 year old. On the other, the Pokémon booster packs I used to beg for didn’t cost my parents more than a fiver.


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