Gas Powered Games Kickstarter Might Be Forced To Close Down In The Wake Of Massive Layoffs


The fate of venerable PC developer Gas Powered Games and their recently launched Kickstarter project ‘Wildman’ have been put in jeopardy as the studio is hit by massive lay-offs.


Earlier today Kotaku reported that Gas Powered Games had been hit with enormous lay-offs and that the company may be shutting down entirely. These reports come mere days after the launch of the Kickstarter campaign for the company’s newest Action RPG titled ‘Wildman’.


In response to the story, the CEO of Gas Powered Games Chris Taylor spoke to Gamasutra confirming the layoffs were made to conserve the studio’s slim cash reserves and confirmed that “the studio is still operating”. Taylor later spoke to JoyStiq and confirmed that roughly 40 employees of the studio were affected by the layoffs and that the decision was made to ensure that the company had money to pay severance to employees as Taylor believes “It’s one thing for me to bet the company, but I can’t bet their last severance money, that’s not cool,”. Taylor also uploaded a video update to the Wildman Kickstarter page asking fans to make their voice heard on whether the campaign should continue and the Gas Powered Games team be rehired should the project meet it’s $1.1 million dollar goal.


Gas Powered Games has a mixed track-record as a developer with hits like Dungeon Siege and Supreme Commander as well as misses like Demigod and Space Siege so it will be interesting to see if Chris Taylor’s bet on the Wildman Kickstarter campaign will save Gas Powered Games or put the final nail in the companies coffin.

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