Bethesda Details Skyrim’s PC and PS3 ‘Dragonborn’ DLC Release Plans

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In a post on Bethesda’s official blog, the studio has confirmed a release date for the PC version of Skyrim’s ‘Dragonborn’ DLC as well as detailed their plans for the release of Skyrim DLC on the PS3.


Skyrim’s ‘Dragonborn’ DLC has already been available to Xbox players for over a month now but PC players can expect to get their hands on the DLC via Valve’s Steam service on February 5th. The DLC itself has received strong reviews and offers players the ability to explore the island of Solstheim and a number of other locations from the third game in the Elder Scrolls series as well as take to the skies by mounting and riding the game’s signature dragons.


The post also detailed Bethesda’s plans for rolling out Skyrim’s DLC on the Playstation 3 with ‘Dragonborn’ set to arrive sometime in February, shortly followed by ‘Dawnguard’ and ‘Heathfire’. Bethesda is aiming to have all three DLC expansions to the game out by the end of February and as an added bonus for PS3 gamers, each DLC will be 50% off during their launch week. Bethesda has also confirmed that the 1.8 update for the game will be released on Sony’s platform prior to the release of ‘Dragonborn’.



With rumors already circling about the next DLC (rumored to be called ‘Redguard’) it’s good that Bethesda is finally giving PS3 fans the DLC that has been curiously absent from their platform over the course of 2012 and hopefully the gap between the release of DLC on each platform will continue to close in the future.

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  1. if bethesda realy wish to show how sory they are to ps3 players they will give ps3 a 30day excusion period on the 4th dlc pack