Taking a look at the possibilities of the development of Fallout 4


A lot of hype has been generated since Erik Dellums, the voice of the Fallout 3 Wasteland DJ Three-Dog, speculated that his character would be making an appearance in a future release. It’s natural that people are excited, given how popular the modern Fallout franchise is, and given how after Elder Scrolls V it is easy to speculate that another Fallout title is all Bethesda has to work on, but is this rumor really worth paying attention to? Speaking as a fan, there are a few reasons why I decline to take this rumor too seriously at this early stage.


Firstly, Dellums himself said it was a ‘tease’. Granted, he needed ‘permission’ for it, but so would George Lucas if he wanted to claim Jar Jar Binks would be guest starring in the Mickey Mouse Club House. Even jokes need legal appropriateness these days. Looking at the chronology of Fallout games, there has never been a direct sequel involving the same generation of characters. It’s a lot more likely that Three Dog is a potential character for the supposedly-being-developed Fallout television series, which if the history of television and gaming is anything to go by, will be terrible anyway.


Secondly, involving Three Dog would limit the capabilities of future storylines. Generally, big factions are needed for the Fallout Universe’s epic clashes, such as the Brotherhood of Steel and the Enclave, but a large part of setting up these clashes is leaving large geographical and chronological gaps between significant events. Using Three Dog in a story would limit this space, and though I’m not discounting Bethesda’s ability to come up with amazing stories, it’s still rare for them to connect their games this closely. I don’t want to just continue where Fallout 3 left off. I want a new experience, and this means a new storyline.


I’m not saying at all that a new Fallout game definitely isn’t in the works, and if this rumor turns out to be true I’ll happily eat my words with a side of Iguana-on-a-stick, but please don’t overreact based on a Twitter post. As Duke Nukem, Half Life and other such teases have shown, gamers can easily get their hopes up through rumors only to be let down, and a lot of the time it’s their own fault. Bethesda has the rights to develop Fallout 4, and even a Fallout MMORPG, but there’s a pretty conspicuous lack of any definitive assuring details so far.


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