Xbox 720 rumored to supply an eight-core CPU, 8GB RAM, and 8880 GPU

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Although Microsoft and Sony has not given any official word regarding their next generation systems, which is expected to be the Xbox 720 and PS4, we have now discovered a new rumor that reveals the possible specifications for the Xbox 720.


As delivered through a post on the popular video game forum NeoGAF, it seems that the Xbox 720 will be supporting an eight core CPU. In conjunction with this, it is also revealed that the system will be supplied with a total of 8 GB of RAM. Many fans may be excited about this implementation, as many developers have made it publicly known that current generation systems have become very limited due to the small amount of RAM that has been supplied with these systems.


In addition to these details, it has also been stated that the system will apparently run with a AMD 8880 series graphics processor unit. As for the operating system that the Xbox 720 will run, it is stated that the system will operate on a Windows 8 kernel. Also, it is stated that the system will be supplemented with a hefty 640 GB hard drive.


As with anything of this nature, readers should take this information with a grain of salt. Until details such as this has been confirmed by an official source, everything is rumor or speculation.

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