Treyarch unveils ‘Black Ops 2’ Revolution DLC, new zombie mode included

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Leading up to today, there have been quite a few information leaks regarding the first downloadable content to be introduced into Black Ops 2. It was previously revealed through a promotional poster that this downloadable content will be entitled the “Revolution Map Pack” and would feature four new multiplayer maps, one new zombie map, and one bonus weapon.


Now that Treyarch has officially announced this downloadable content, it has been confirmed that we will be receiving a brand-new zombie mode in conjunction with the items that are listed above.


Revolution includes four Multiplayer maps diverse in both setting and playstyle: fight for control in “Mirage,” a sand-swept luxury resort in the Gobi Desert; navigate through half-pipes and skate ramps in “Grind,” battling within a massive skate park in California’s Venice Beach; dodge the floodwaters in “Hydro” to hold down a hydroelectric dam in Pakistan; and take the fight to a French Alps ski resort in “Downhill.”


The Revolution Map Pack for Black Ops 2 will be the first DLC ever for a Call of Duty title that introduces a new weapon into the multiplayer portion of the game. With the release of this DLC, a new SMG-Assault Rifle hybrid will be added to the multiplayer portion of the game. Entitled the “Peacekeeper,” this weapon will be featured in the game as one of the “Special” weapons.


Additionally, a new zombie map will be added, which will be called “Die Rise.” Treyarch will also be introducing a new zombie mode with this DLC, called “Turned.” As inferred by the title, this mode will give players the opportunity to play a zombie for the first time.


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