Eyefinity support may be included with the PS4 and Xbox 720

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Along with the new hardware that is being developed by AMD, they have now released a new promotional video for software that is currently being developed and built upon. Through the use of this promotional video, AMD displays their use of the Eyefinity technology, which is a piece of software that allows PC gamers to project their games through multiple displays.


Currently, this technology is only available on the PC platform, as current generation systems do not allow for this technology across all titles. From what is seen in the promotional video listed below this article, it seems that AMD may be leading us to believe that they will be implementing this technology with next generation consoles from Microsoft and Sony, which is expected to be the Xbox 720 and PS4.


As can be seen below, AMD brings focus to the Eyefinity technology. When speaking about this technology, AMD discusses the comparisons between PC gaming and console gaming. It is stated that AMD is trying to create a link between the gaming technology that is found on the PC platform with console systems.


Nothing has been confirmed as of yet, but it may be a possibility that we will see this type of technology being implemented into the Xbox 720 and PS4.


Via Gameranx


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