‘Black Ops 2’ Revolution Map Pack leaked by Treyarch

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Thanks to MP1st, we have come across a shocking discovery on the official website for Black Ops 2. On January 4, it was uncovered that the mobile website for Black Ops 2 mistakenly featured a displayed for the unannounced “Revolution Map Pack” for Black Ops 2.


Prior to the beginning of 2013, Treyarch made it clear that they would be releasing information related to the first downloadable content for Black Ops 2. Since the finding of this display of the “Revolution Map Pack,” Treyarch has removed this content from the mobile website.


Aside from this confirmation, we have also obtained a leaked image for this downloadable content. Through this image, it is revealed that this map pack will feature a total of four new competitive multiplayer maps, one new zombie map, and one new weapon.


Additionally, MP1st has delivered a list of achievements that will be implemented with the use of this map pack for Black Ops 2.


  • I Can See Clearly Now – In Die Rise, clear all the fog.
  • Don’t Rock the Boat – In Die Rise, complete an entire cycle in the wagon without it being damaged.
  • Anonymous! – In Die Rise, kill a zombie using only the Black Hat.

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