Microsoft teases something big at E3, expected to be the Xbox 720

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As the console video game market has been in desperate need for new and more powerful hardware from Sony and Microsoft, it is expected that the PS4 and Xbox 720 will be released by the end of this year. With this being said, it is heavily speculated that these systems will appear at this year’s E3, which will take place this summer.


In regards to this, Microsoft has now given us hope of this event taking place, as they have provided us with something that has never been done before in preparation for E3. As can be seen on Major Nelson’s website, Microsoft has provided us with an official countdown to E3 2013.


Providing something such as this, it can only be assumed that Microsoft is leading up to make a major announcement at this year’s E3. Currently, all signs point to the revealing of new hardware, which is expected to be the Xbox 720. As of now, Microsoft has not given any sort of indication of what exactly will take place at their E3 conference, so this is all just speculation for now.


For those of you interested, we have featured a few unofficial concept pictures of the Xbox 720 in the slide-show above this article.

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