Bioware looks to Frostbite 2 for PS4 and Xbox 720 titles

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When Battlefield 3 was first showcased in 2011, everyone within throughout the video game industry was shocked and awed at the technical achievement that DICE was able to push forward with this title on the console and PC platforms. While the PC version of the game greatly surpassed the performance of the console versions of this title, the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of Battlefield 3 still outshines any competition on their respective platform.


Battlefield 3 used a newly developed engine from Battlefield Bad Company 2, which was called Frostbite 2. Since the initial release of this title, EA has decided to use this same engine with a variety of different titles, which include Need for Speed and Medal of Honor. Looking on to future titles, Bioware reveals that they will be using this engine for all of their future titles.


I think so. When we look at Frostbite and the success we’re having with it with Dragon Age 3 and the support we’re getting from teams around EA, it’s fun being a part of an organization and community that’s doing good work with that technology.


With this being said, it can be expected that PS4 and Xbox 720 titles from Bioware will take advantage of this engine. Currently, the PC platform really showcases the true performance of this game engine, but the soon to be released PS4 and Xbox 720 will most likely supply the necessary hardware to take full advantage of this engine.


Outside of this, fans of the Xbox 720 and PS4 can take a look at the slide-show listed above this article, which includes concept photos of these systems.

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