First Black Ops 2 DLC leaks through promo image

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With the initial announcement of the season pass for “Black Ops 2,” Activision confirmed that this title would be receiving a total of for separate DLC packs at a later date. Him additionally, the proposed map packs with the available for purchase individually. While Activision has given word about the first downloadable content to be introduced into “Black Ops 2,” a post on NeoGAF has discovered a leaked image for the Revolution map pack for “Black Ops 2.


As featured in the photo above, this map pack will bring a total of four new competitive multiplayer maps into the game. Additionally, fans will also be treated with one new zombie map, as well as a new weapon, which appears to be involved with the zombie mode for the game. This new weapon takes on the name of the Peacekeeper SMG. With a name such as this, it only seems fitting that this weapon will be implemented into the zombie mode for the game.


The on this image, we have no further information regarding the existence of the Revolution map pack for “Black Ops 2.” But, since this information has been leaked, it would not be surprising to see Activision making an official announcement for this content very soon. We will be sure to update you with further information as news develops.

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