‘Minecraft’ fans agree with slow load times for better FPS

‘Minecraft’ fans agree with slow load times for better FPS

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Yesterday, Jens Bergensten, who is now in the lead position behind the development of “Minecraft,” stated some information that has many fans of this title discussing potential changes for “Minecraft.” Through the information that was given by Bergensten, it seems that a new build of “Minecraft” appears to run at higher frames per second, but this comes at the cost of a longer loading times for the world to build.


Taking this information to Reddit, a thread has been created to support the use of this type of functionality. According to the thread that was created, many fans have taken the possibility to implement longer load times, in order to provide smoother gameplay, as a positive one. The majority opinion appears to lean towards this type of performance being provided with the next update for “Minecraft.” Users seem to think that this would be the best overall change for this title, as a smoother gameplay experience would be desired at the expense of shorter loading times.


With this information provided, hopefully Mojang will decide to move forward with this performance change. Additionally, fans can take a look at a few screenshots taken from “Minecraft” in the slide-show above this article.


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