Kojima says Xbox 720 and PS4 must feature interconnectivity

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It has been heavily speculated that the next generation consoles from Sony and Microsoft will be released sometime during the year 2013. With many people within the video game industry pointing to an unveiling of this hardware in the summer of next year, Hideo Kojima has provided us with a bit of information based on what he believes the PS4 and Xbox 720 needs to feature in order to become successful systems.


In an interview conducted by HipHopGamer, Kojima places the capability of interconnectivity with various devices as the most important feature for Sony and Microsoft’s consoles, this being the PS4 and Xbox 720 respectively. He believes that these systems need to have the ability to connect with many other devices outside of the central gaming hardware.


Well I really feel that there needs to be a lot of inter-connectivity just with other devices and anything out there. So then whether it’s media, music, all that, it’s all connected with that console so we could do it over cell phones and tablets. All that interconnected in one place, as one media.


As displayed previously by Microsoft, this type of connectivity has already been established by the use of Smart Glass technology with the Xbox. Currently, Sony has not spoken on interconnectivity with their gaming platforms, but it should be interesting to see if Sony will grasp this technology.


Additionally, you can take a look at the slide-show above this article to view a few concept photos for the Xbox 720 and PS4.

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