‘Killzone 4’ possibly due for release in 2013 on PS4

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With the initial release of “Killzone 2” on the PS3, Guerrilla Games was one of the first video game developers to showcase the true power within the hardware of the PS3. Moving on to the release of “Killzone 3,” Guerrilla proved once again that the PS3 was able to obtain outstanding visuals, and that the system had much more to offer. As news surrounding the “Killzone” franchise has died down, there have been a number of rumors that point to “Killzone 4” currently being developed for the PS4.


In a guest post on the official PlayStation Blog, Guerrilla Games has given fans a teaser for events that will take place during 2013. Through the information that has been given, it seems that Guerrilla insists that 2013 will be the biggest year for the development team since the initial release of the original “Killzone,” which was back in 2004.


As 2012 draws to a close, we look back at an eventful year for Guerrilla and the Killzone series. In February we released Killzone 3 Multiplayer, a standalone version of Killzone 3’s online mode and DLC maps, on the PlayStation Store. In August we announced a new handheld title for PlayStation Vita called Killzone: Mercenary, which sees its protagonist fight on both sides of the ISA-Helghast conflict. And in October we simultaneously released Killzone Trilogy, a bundle containing all three first-person shooters in the Killzone series, and Killzone HD, a high-definition remaster of our original Killzone game.

2013 is gearing up to be another big year for Guerrilla – quite possibly the biggest since we released the original Killzone way back in 2004. We’ll have more details for you at a future date, but until then we hope you share a wonderful holiday with your loved ones, and we’ll see you in 2013.


With this being said, it can only be expected that Guerrilla is preparing for the next major installment to the “Killzone” franchise. As nothing has been confirmed yet, it seems that this title would most likely be releasing for the PS4. This would explain why information has been kept secret, as official news relating to the PS4 is currently nonexistent. With the year 2013 soon to be underway, it is suspected that we will be receiving further information regarding these details in the next few months.

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