‘Diablo 3’ PVP to be launch before the new year

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The implementation of player versus player combat has been a feature that many fans of “Diablo 3” have anticipated for quite some time now. This feature was announced by Blizzard some time ago, but has yet to be implemented into “Diablo 3.” With the implementation of this feature, the issue of end game material would be lessened due to the fact that players would have the ability to take the equipment earned through the campaign portion of this title, implementing these findings in a battle against other human players.


Blizzard has been quiet on the potential release date for this new game mode since it was initially announced. Finally, Blizzard has decided to take to the official forums for “Diablo 3,” in order to provide a small update for when to expect this feature to be released. The following information has been delivered by Blizzard, in response to a thread referencing this content.


It shouldn’t be that long. I am sorry I cannot be more concrete than this, but it should be ready before the new year… hopefully that is 🙂


Although this does not confirm a specific release date for this content, it does confirm that Blizzard is trying to get this content released before the end of this year. We will be sure to update you as news develops behind this content. Additionally, fans can take a look at a few screenshots from “Diablo 3” in the slide-show above this article.

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