‘Borderlands 2’ max level cap increase coming early next year

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Since the initial release of “Borderlands 2,” many fans of this title have been wondering if Gearbox will provide an extension of the max level cap, as was done in the original “Borderlands.” Currently, “Borderlands 2” is gearing up for the release of the Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt DLC, which is to expected to be released in January of 2013. Passing on to the release of downloadable content following the Sir Hammerlock DLC, Randy Pitchford has provided a bit of information regarding an unannounced DLC package that would be released next year.


Through the statement that was given, Pitchford has finally confirmed plans to implement a deeper form of progression for players within “Borderlands 2.” Currently, the level cap for “Borderlands 2” is set at 50, but fans can expect an increase in this number in the early months of 2013.


When I last checked, 16.75% of Xbox customers have at least one character that has achieved level 50. We are working on a big add-on/expansion for next year with deeper progression. I will share details and timing as we settle in with them. In the mean-time, Sir Hammerlock has a grand adventure in store for us all in the deepest wilds of Pandora. Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt is really badass. Will be best BL2 DLC yet.


We will be sure to update you as news develops surrounding the details regarding this downloadable content.

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