Treyarch gives heads up on ‘Black Ops 2’ Christmas Noobs

Treyarch gives heads up on ‘Black Ops 2’ Christmas Noobs

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During every holiday season, multiplayer servers for various competitive video games are filled with newcomers. As many individuals are exchanging gifts, there are always a large influx of amateur players joining the multiplayer servers within these titles. This year, it is expected that “Black Ops 2” will be one of the titles that will be hit with a large number of “noobs.”


In preparation for this, Treyarch has taken it upon themselves to address the situation of “Christmas Noobs” to experienced players, while providing some important details to the “Christmas Noobs” that will soon be joining the game. Below, you can view the message that was provided within the “Message of the Day.”


Let’s talk Christmas Noobs. It’s that time of the year again where thousands of new players join the online ranks for the first time. We’d ask you to go easy on the Christmas Noobs, but we know you won’t.

If you are a Christmas Noob yourself, don’t be bullied. In the Combat Training category you’ll find a great playlist called Boot Camp. This is the best place for a player to get up to speed on the game and all it has to offer. You can even rank up your first 10 levels playing against both human and AI-controlled opponents.


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