‘Borderlands 2’ Sir Hammerlock expansion to include deep customization

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As reported by PC Gamer, a Reddit user has discovered a large list of information that is to be included with the release of the upcoming expansion pack for “Borderlands 2,” which is entitled Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt. For those of you not aware, was DLC was first uncovered through the listing three new trophies found on the PS3 version of the game.


Through the leaked information that was uncovered on Reddit, this expansion pack will apparently provide users with various new character customization options through the game. The Sir Hammerlock DLC will supply users with a total of 30 new customization options for their characters in the game. There will be three customization pack included with this DLC, which are the Domination, Supremacy and Madness Packs.


Below, you can view some of the details that were provided through the information that was leaked:


    • One new head and one new skin for each class
    • A new vehicle – the fanboat (summoned from a Catch-A-Boat station), with 68 of its own skins and corrosive, incendiary, and shock weapon mods
    • Currently 12 side missions and 5 longer main story missions
    • A new raid boss (“Imagine, if you will, a Stalker the size of a small building. Now imagine yourself killing it.”)
    • More new Seraph items
    • New kinds of enemies, like the borok and the scaylion
    • Lots of monster-tracking side missions assigned by Sir Hammerlock
    • A new swamp/jungle continent named Aegrus
    • A self-important but not-so-well-known new enemy who is “super-pumped we’re archenemies now”, and who leads a tribe of jungle savages and has an evil plan that might actually work
    • A new treasure room brimming with goodies… but with a time limit


Fans may also be interested in the slideshow that we have featured above this article, which provides a look at gameplay screenshots taken from “Borderlands 2.”

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