Sony’s PS4 may be revealed at E3 2013

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Speaking of next generation consoles from Microsoft and Sony, this being the Xbox 720 and PS4 respectively, many voices within the gaming industry think that these systems will be announced sometime during the summer of 2013. In regards to this, CBN has discovered a bit of information that may lead to a possible unveiling of the PS4 at E3 2013.


Citing multiple sources, VG247 says that developers have been receiving PlayStation 4 dev kits, with the final version expected some time next summer. Furthermore, U.S. developers have met with Sony, which is briefing them about the system, codenamed Orbis. The machine is said to have, among other features, a Blu-Ray drive and a new user interface that lets you use the system’s menu (like the PSN store) without having to quit out of your game. The system is expected to be announced right before E3, which is in mid-June.


With this being said, fans should still realize that nothing has been officially addressed in regards to Sony’s next-generation console. This information should not be taken as solid or concrete fact, but as a simple rumor. The current generation of consoles from Microsoft and Sony are obviously becoming outdated, as these systems are limiting developers from reaching new heights within the products that are being released. E3 2013 will be the prime opportunity for Sony and Microsoft to showcase what they will be bringing to the table with their next generation systems.

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