Valve’s Steam Box May Release in Q1 2013

Towards the beginning of 2012, a few rumors began on the Internet that involved Valve creating a console boxed PC gaming platform to compete with next generation consoles, such as the Xbox 720 and PS4. Up until now, Valve has not commented on any of these rumors. Finally, at the Spike Video Game Awards show, Gabe Newell decided to confirm the existence of this future platform, which many gamers are currently referring to as the Steam Box.


When speaking about this future hardware at the VGAs, Newell did not provide any hard details surrounding what exactly this new system would entail. But, yesterday a report from Cadred insisted that Valve actually has plans to release this system has soon as Q1 2013. Without being confirmed by an official source, this information should be taken as rumor or speculation. But, this type of release time-frame will provide Valve with an excellent opportunity to get ahead of the PS4 and Xbox 720.


It is assumed that the structure of this system will not be as open as a normal PC platform. As for the operating system that will exist on the system, it will most likely run on a modified version of Linux, due to the increasing interest in Linux by Valve. With a closed system such as this, Valve will be granted the opportunity to provide a completely optimized experience with the hardware that is given within the system, providing more bang for your buck.

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