PS4 support for 4K resolution unlikly, release date and price debated

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While official information regarding the next generation PlayStation, which is being referred to as the PS4 throughout the gaming community, PSM3 has decided to showcase many of the current rumors that have been surrounding this console. Through the information given in this post, two major features that have been sourced for the PS4 are spoken on, this being support for 4K resolution and a possible release date for the system.


With the emergence of 4K technology, many gamers have pondered the idea that the PS4 will support 4K resolution. On current generation consoles, most titles are delivered through 720p, as the hardware given through the systems does not provide enough power to support 1080p on all titles. With this being said, it seems very unlikely that the PS4 will not have the ability to support 4K resolution through titles release on this platform.


Sony is launching Ultra-HD TVs this Christmas, notably an 84″ LCD KD-84X9005, which retails at a cool $24,999. Extortionate cost aside (it’ll fall to sane levels in a few years), 4K’s sheer processing demands make us sceptical. While PS3 can theoretically run games at 1080p and 60fps, only a handful of games do so, like flOw and Wipeout.

Ambitious games like EA’s SSX run in sub-HD, at around 1120×585 – a sacrifice to maintain smooth frame rates. Even with PS4’s superior processing, we sincerely doubt it could run, say, Skyrim in 4096 x 2160 at 60fps. Most likely, if 4K does appear, it will be for videos, or curio titles. PS4 has more than ample power to run ambitious games at 1080p and 60fps, so expect that to be the standard.


Speaking on the possible release date and price that may be imposed on the system, PSM3 states the following information:


Wii U is already perceived as expensive at £250ish, and we can’t see Sony’s machine selling for much less than £400-£500 (and even that would likely be at a loss). The pricing model might be subsidised using premium subscription services such as PS+, or – groan – in-game ads, a bit like ‘free’ versions of Spotify. It’s all speculation, but it won’t be cheap.

When will PS4 launch? While some rumours suggest early 2014, we suspect a late 2013 release is quite possible. Games have been in progress for over 18 months already, and those with E3 2013 invitations are already being told: ‘This is the year. This is the E3 you don’t want to miss,’ adding, ‘It’s what’s next now’.

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