‘Black Ops 2’ double XP incoming, probation issues fixed in update

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Although “Black Ops 2” has been released for a full month, there are still a large number of players that have been having various issues with the competitive multiplayer portion of the game. Fans have voiced many concerns with the bugs that are present within the game, as well as the issues that the probation and security system for “Black Ops 2” has been creating for users.


Speaking of the probation and security system, it has been sourced that this system has penalized many users that to have been playing the game legitimately. In response to the issues that this system has caused players, Treyarch has now released an update for the system. The following statement has been delivered through the official Twitter account for Treyarch.


Hopefully, the changes that have been put forward through the use of this update will bring a stop to the issues that it has been creating for players. Additionally, Treyarch has confirmed a second double XP weekend for “Black Ops 2.” This information has been delivered through the official Twitter account for the “Call of Duty” franchise.

Additionally, fans may be interested in the slide-show that is featured above this article, which contains gameplay screenshots from “Black Ops 2.”

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