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Dishonored 2 Release Date Trailer: 2-Hour Gameplay Preview Released Today!

Dishonored 2

How do you regain your stolen birthright? This will be a question Emily Kaldwin and Corvo Attano will answer in Dishonored 2. But while players are busy waiting, they can at least revel in the newest gameplay preview from Bethesda Softworks. Players are one month away from living a new tale inside a steampunk version of Victorian England. Corvo Attano will ...

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Resident Evil 7 Demo Trailer: Watch Immortal Enemy Gameplay; No More Zombies?

Resident Evil 7

When a homicidal cannibal is out to kill you, it seems a good bullet to the head is an option. But what if he doesn’t die? This is the latest mystery from the recent Resident Evil 7 trailer. Resident Evil 7 continues to become one of the most highly-anticipated horror games on the horizon. Its claim to depart from the zombie-infested Resident Evil formula is ...

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Xbox Free Games with Gold November 2016 are TERRIBLE! Lacks AAA Titles

Xbox 360 Free Games with Gold November 2016

Gamers are hugely excited with the Xbox Free Games with Gold November 2016 options. However, there has been some disappointment with the lack of AAA titles for this month. Are PS Plus games better than Xbox games with Gold this November? The Xbox Free Games with Gold November 2016 offers free games for users. However, these have drawn some criticism ...

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Kingdom Hearts 3 Release Date & Worlds News: Sora Easter Eggs Revealed! Find Out Here

Kingdom Hearts 3

Fans are ecstatic to see Sora, Mickey and company go back to consoles in Kingdom Hearts 3. However, while Square Enix and Disney appear secretive with details, a new HD compilation art may hold clues about the game. The reveal for Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue back in E3 2016 generated buzz about the arrival of the much-awaited game. After all, ...

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Skyrim Special Edition Xbox One Mods Better Than PS4? 65 on XB1, 10 on PlayStation 4

Skyrim Special Edition Xbox One

It seems Sony is really making it hard for Skyrim fans. It appears there are monumentally a lot more Skyrim Special Edition Xbox One mods versus its PlayStation contemporaries. Bethesda has begun accepting console mod submissions for the Skyrim Special Edition that will be released this October 28. The game boasts better graphics and officially-supported Bethesda mods. PC players who also own the PC version ...

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Dead By Daylight DLC: New Killer Revealed! Halloween DLC Adds Michael Myers as Villain

Dead By Daylight DLC

The latest Dead by Daylight DLC will give players the Halloween nostalgia – literally. Hollywood serial killer Michael Myers slashes his way into the survival-horror game this October 30. Players who purchase the $6.99 DLC have two choices at this point. They can trudge their way into abandoned houses in the middle of Halloween to evade the unwitting gaze of ...

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Watch Dogs 2 Gameplay Trailer: First Four Hours Preview Reveal New Hacking Features, Vibrant San Francisco

Watch Dogs 2 Gameplay Trailer

Hacking aficionados are less than a month away from wreaking havoc in San Francisco. However, in this Watch Dogs 2 gameplay trailer, it seems hacking will save the day. The highly-anticipated Watch Dogs 2 is the sequel to the first Watch Dogs game. Sadly, the first game met dismal reviews despite its novel premise that includes a city-wide hacking conspiracy. ...

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Titanfall 2 Review: Multiplayer FAQs, Classes, How to Get Good Gear

Titanfall 2 Review

Get ready for some Mech-Pilot action in Titanfall 2. With the game nearing its release and players excited to land on multiplayer, has it got what it takes? This Titanfall 2 Review will take you to the crazy, intense world of Titanfall 2 multiplayer. Titanfall 2 is already generating a lot of buzz since its announcement. The original Titanfall game did not have any story that came with ...

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Xbox Free Games with Gold November 2016 List Confirmed Tomorrow! More Backwards Compatible Titles

Xbox Free Games with Gold November 2016

October is ending, but not everyone is waiting for Halloween. This time, players are itching to know the roster of Xbox free games with Gold November 2016 roster. Although fans still have to enjoy the rest of October’s free games, there are just some who can’t help predicting the Xbox free games with Gold November 2016 lineup. According to Express, the ...

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