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Dead By Daylight DLC: New Killer Revealed! Halloween DLC Adds Michael Myers as Villain

Dead By Daylight DLC

The latest Dead by Daylight DLC will give players the Halloween nostalgia – literally. Hollywood serial killer Michael Myers slashes his way into the survival-horror game this October 30. Players who purchase the $6.99 DLC have two choices at this point. They can trudge their way into abandoned houses in the middle of Halloween to evade the unwitting gaze of ...

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Watch Dogs 2 Gameplay Trailer: First Four Hours Preview Reveal New Hacking Features, Vibrant San Francisco

Watch Dogs 2 Gameplay Trailer

Hacking aficionados are less than a month away from wreaking havoc in San Francisco. However, in this Watch Dogs 2 gameplay trailer, it seems hacking will save the day. The highly-anticipated Watch Dogs 2 is the sequel to the first Watch Dogs game. Sadly, the first game met dismal reviews despite its novel premise that includes a city-wide hacking conspiracy. ...

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Titanfall 2 Review: Multiplayer FAQs, Classes, How to Get Good Gear

Titanfall 2 Review

Get ready for some Mech-Pilot action in Titanfall 2. With the game nearing its release and players excited to land on multiplayer, has it got what it takes? This Titanfall 2 Review will take you to the crazy, intense world of Titanfall 2 multiplayer. Titanfall 2 is already generating a lot of buzz since its announcement. The original Titanfall game did not have any story that came with ...

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Halo Wars 2 Release Date PC: Halo 6 To End Franchise? Characters, Story Details Revealed

Halo Wars 2

With Master Chief’s life in peril and his allies out in the picture, is this the final chapter of his adventure? It seems Halo Wars 2 holds the answer to our questions. Players and reviewers got to try the new gameplay modes of Microsoft’s Halo Wars 2 a few weeks ago, revealing a few things about the game. However, 343 Industries has more to ...

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Skyrim Remastered PC Release Date with Elder Scrolls 6? Specs, Mods Here

Skyrim Remastered PC

It’s a good October for gamers. A lot of landmark games are arriving this month, and Bethesda’s Skyrim Remastered PC isn’t letting anyone else go. Players can once again play as a dragon born and save the continent of Skyrim in Bethesda’s hit fantasy game. Fans can finally play in the open world of Skyrim Remastered PC with improved graphics and all its DLCs. ...

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Battlefield 1 Release date Review: Best Weapon Unlocks, War Bonds & Tips

Battlefield 1

When we’re talking about a war as large as the Great War, you know there’s bound to be good stories. Battlefield 1 has just been released, and it delivers. Electronic Arts and DICE took a huge risk by going back in time. The trend for games nowadays, especially FPS, is to shift from modern warfare to overtly science fiction. However, EA and ...

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Overwatch Sombra ARG: Reddit Reveals New Clues, Maps & Codes! Fans Still Disappointed

Overwatch Sombra ARG

A hype train could only go so far. It seems more players are getting fed up with Blizzard’s Sombra shenanigans in yet another teaser for its Overwatch Sombra ARG. In the latest update to our quest for Sombra, it seems we have more questions than actual answers. Blizzard is taking too long to reveal its hit shooter’s most mysterious character yet. The latest clue in ...

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Dead Rising 4 PC Gameplay DLC: Zombie Timer Mode, Mini Golf Confirmed!

Dead Rising 4 PC

When you think Dead Rising 4 PC couldn’t get any funner, let’s add golf into the mix. Capcom teases new features in the latest Dead Rising 4 PC DLC. It appears players with access to the season pass will not only get new features, but old ones as well. Microsoft and Capcom will be co-producing the popular survival horror franchise. Although fans already know Dead ...

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Red Dead Redemption 2 Trailer, Release News: Watch New Preview & Gameplay Video Here!

Red Dead Redemption 2

Rockstar Games didn’t want fans to wait. The popular studio finally announced Red Dead Redemption 2 just two days after its historic tease. Red Dead Redemption 2 will be available for both the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One. The much-awaited game will have a Fall 2017 release. The game highlights what appears to be a “new” online experience, which hints an immersive ...

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GTA 5 Mod, DLC Update: Ghost Story Confirmed? Patent Files Revealed

GTA 5 Mod

Ghosts are abounding when October is up, even in games. It appears Grand Theft Auto 5 may have yet GTA 5 Mod – and it’s all about ghosts. Take-Two Interactive, the parent of both 2K Games and Rockstar Games, seemed to have filed trademarks for something they call “Ghost Story.” With the success of Grand Theft Auto 5, it appears it may very well be ...

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