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Pokemon Sun and Moon Demo Leaks: Full Pokedex, Ultra Beasts Revealed!

Pokemon Sun and Moon

It’s an entirely new world out there! Pokemon fans will be thrilled to see that the Pokemon Sun and Moon‘s Alola region is not just for show. A leak showed the entire Alolan Pokedex from the game’s demo. Fans know it is only a matter of time before dataminers check into the demo’s data and look for more clues about the game. Players ...

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Nintendo NX Reveal Release Date! UK Leak, a Hoax to Hype Fans?

Sony and Microsoft were always racing each other to reveal their latest console offerings to the masses. Nintendo, on the other hand, was less forthcoming. The Japanese game giant rarely revealed details about their products, even in the best circumstances. That is the reason why it came as a surprise when there was a Nintendo NX reveal of the release ...

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Pokemon Sun and Moon Versions: In-Depth Guide to Differences, Gameplay & Exclusives

New details about Nintendo’s most awaited titles have been released! Here’s everything you need to know about Pokemon Sun and Moon versions. Nintendo had made a tradition of releasing two Pokemon games at the same time. Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue, Pokemon Emerald and Pokemon Ruby, Pokemon Black and Pokemon White. All these games followed the same mold where the gameplay, story and ...

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Mighty No. 9 Delayed, Needs More Time in the Oven

Mighty No. 9

Keiji Inafune’s Mega Man spiritual successor, Mighty No. 9, isn’t done yet, which shouldn’t be too surprising. This is the game’s third delay. The first was the understandable: “Oh crap, we made a lot more money from Kickstarter; there’s no telling when this thing will be coming out.” Then Mighty No. 9 was delayed from the end of 2015 into February 2016, ...

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Paper Mario Cometh, Rumor Says

Paper Mario

Evidently there’s a new Paper Mario en route for the Wii U, or so someone random on twitter says. Though, I suppose calling Emily Rogers random might be selling her a bit short. She’s been dishing out the occasional bit of insider Nintendo information for a few years now. Early this week, she posted screenshots from the Nintendo NX survey, even though ...

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Nintendo NX – In Steady Development

Nintendo NX image

Following on from our previous update around the Nintendo NX President of Nintendo Tatsumi Kimishima, Nintendo’s fifth President so far and former President of Nintendo US, has been discussing Nintendo’s plans for 2016 and reviewing some aspects of 2015 (translate the link). The Nintendo NX is the working title for Nintendo’s next console release. As we’ve speculated before we feel this is a ...

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