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Self-Publishing on Xbox One Confirmed, Retail Consoles Will Double as Debug Units

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Microsoft has confirmed that the Xbox One will allow indie game developers to self-publish their own games.  Microsoft also confirmed that each standard Xbox One console can be used as a “debug unit”, as well as play retail Xbox One games.  A debug unit, like this one for the PS3, is a special, highly expensive version of a game console ...

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Microsoft Resigns Xbox One DRM/Always Online Requirements


Did this seriously just happen? I mean really? Hold on; I need to double check…yup! It’s a thing! That’s right: Microsoft have ditched their always online policy for their Xbox One console after hearing feedback. This effectively means that Microsoft will resign the Xbox One’s DRM policies of used games and for the console requiring mandatory access to the internet ...

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Xbox One Will Require an Internet Connection, At Least Once A Day


The newly revealed Xbox One will need to connect to an internet source at least once a day, according to a report from Kotaku. Microsoft originally posted a statement about whether or not the Xbox One will require an “always-on” connection shortly after the event on their press site, but the response didn’t really make much sense: “No, it does ...

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