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Wii U is Dead: 15 Best Games of Nintendo Console Before it Bids Goodbye!

Wii U Dead

Well it seems that Eurogamer was right, the Wii U is dead. Or at the very least, Nintendo is ceasing production for the console for this fiscal year. Early this month, Eurogamer reported that Nintendo would cease production of the console by Friday of that week — November 4. The following day, Nintendo denied the statement saying that the claims were “not true.” ...

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Nintendo NX – In Steady Development

Nintendo NX image

Following on from our previous update around the Nintendo NX President of Nintendo Tatsumi Kimishima, Nintendo’s fifth President so far and former President of Nintendo US, has been discussing Nintendo’s plans for 2016 and reviewing some aspects of 2015 (translate the link). The Nintendo NX is the working title for Nintendo’s next console release. As we’ve speculated before we feel this is a ...

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Batman: Arkham Origins Will Include Jervis Tetch, aka Mad Hatter

batman arkham origins

Batman: Arkham Origins is not without it’s villainy. Already there have been confirmations of many of the Great Detective’s foes appearing in the upcoming game from Warner Bros, including fan favourites; Black Mask, Joker, Bane and more recently Copperhead. Now, Jervis Tetch, better known as The Mad Hatter has been revealed as making an appearance thanks to a scan of ...

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‘Pokemon Rumble U’ Release Dates Announced

Nintendo has confirmed that Pokemon Rumble U will be coming to the US and the UK on August 29 and August 15 respectively. Gotta — rumble ’em all? Yup, apparently you can – and quite soon at that!  Originally released in Japan as Pokemon Scramble U, Pokemon Rumble U is Japan’s answer to Activision’s Skylanders series. The game will be made available as digital ...

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Infinity Ward: “A Game for the Gen after Next-Gen”

Infinity Ward

Forgive me for being dubious, but I’m quite skeptical of Infinity Ward developing a game for the generation after next-generation. In a recent interview with EDGE (June 25), Infinity Ward executives Steve Ackrich and Mark Rubin reflected back on their experiences over the past decade and openly discussed key events that “defined the studio’s ethos.” They also discussed where the developing studio would ...

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Ubisoft Explains ‘Watch Dogs’ Console Differences


In an in a round of questions fired out by GamingBolt, senior producer Dominic Guay was asked about how Ubisoft’s anticipated next-gen title Watch Dogs will look on next-gen consoles. As you may know already, Watch Dogs is an open-world action-adventure game currently in development by Ubisoft Montreal. In Watch Dogs you are a vigilante who has the ability to hack and gain control – ...

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‘Assassin’s Creed 4’ Confirmed Next-Gen Launch Title


Even though it is already known that Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag will be coming out for the PlayStation 4 (amongst other platforms), and it was also rumoured back in April that the game would be a launch title too. Now it has been recently confirmed that bigwig publisher Ubisoft’s next-gen title – Assassin’s Creed 4 – will be coming to both the Xbox One ...

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Nintendo Not Holding a Large-Scale Press Conference at E3 This Year


Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft have traditionally held big press conferences at E3, the biggest video game show of the year. However this year, Nintendo is breaking from tradition and will not hold the large presentation that gamers have become accustomed to. Instead, Nintendo is planning on having smaller more focused presentations.   “First, we decided not to host a large-scale presentation targeted at ...

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Nintendo Issues Miiverse Restrictions With New Update


Nintendo has recently blocked children under 13 years of age from issuing and receiving friend requests in the Miiverse, the online community for the Wii U. Though other users can still be befriended, no messages can be sent by pre-teens.   The company has a number of fairly tight controls online. Miiverse posts are closely monitored to remove offensive activity ...

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