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Xbox Free Games with Gold October 2016: Assassins Creed 4, Watch Dogs Included in Lineup?


It’s that time of the month again when we speculate what will be included in next month’s Xbox Free Games with Gold lineup. Will October 2016 be kind to us? Just a week and a half away from October and gamers are already looking forward to what they can get from their Xbox Games with Gold subscription. Many titles have already ...

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Watch Dogs North American Limited Edition Contents Revealed


Ubisoft has just revealed the North American limited-edition contents for the upcoming title Watch Dogs. The North American limited-edition of Watch Dogs is very similar to the UK edition that was revealed in the past, with a few subtle differences. As can be seen in the photo below, this limited-edition package will include various additional items relating to this title. ...

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Ubisoft Explains ‘Watch Dogs’ Console Differences


In an in a round of questions fired out by GamingBolt, senior producer Dominic Guay was asked about how Ubisoft’s anticipated next-gen title Watch Dogs will look on next-gen consoles. As you may know already, Watch Dogs is an open-world action-adventure game currently in development by Ubisoft Montreal. In Watch Dogs you are a vigilante who has the ability to hack and gain control – ...

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Watch Dogs: PS4 Development Discussed in ‘Conversations with Creators’


Community Developer for Ubisoft, Nik Schmidt posted up on Playstation’s Official Blog yesterday the first episode of Sony’s “Conversations with Creators,” an ongoing series that focuses on some of the worlds most prestigious game studios as they talk about their experience with PS4 game development. In this episode, Sony zeros in on Watch Dogs, Ubisofts open-world action-adventure game arriving in ...

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Watch Dogs Special Edition Revealed in Dutch Advertisement


A special edition of Ubisoft’s upcoming techno-thriller Watch Dogs has been spotted in a Dutch advertisement for the game, touting an additional single-player mission for those willing to presumably dig a little deeper into their wallets. The mission, which appears to occur around a series of street races, gives players access to fount of free vehicles through an in-game contact ...

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PS4 Improvements for ‘Watch_Dogs’ Discussed with Jonathan Morin


For those who don’t know, Watch_Dogs is an open-world action-adventure game currently in development by Ubisoft Montreal. The game’s main selling point appears to be the ability to hack into the surroundings: to either gain control of – or to destroy – particular objects, such as raising traffic stops or exploding electrical boxes (as seen in the game’s demo during the PS4 ...

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Xbox 720: Ubisoft Confirms Watch Dogs and Assassins Creed IV for ‘X720’


Microsoft’s Xbox 720 still remains unannounced, but it’s safe to say we know it’s coming. Two Ubisoft employees have confirmed that the companies top open-world titles will be making their way to the Xbox 720. The first employee is Ubisoft marketing artist Phil Brolles, who stated on his LinkedIn profile that Watch Dogs is a, “Work in progress for next ...

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List of All Confirmed Playstation 4 Games With Trailers


As many (if not all) of us predicted, the Playstation 4 was officially announced during Sony’s ‘Future Of Playstation’ conference in New York City last night, confirming the rumors of its holiday 2013 release. Immediately after the conference, President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment of America Jack Tretton commented about the PS4 on Playstation’s official blog stating: “PlayStation 4 ...

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