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Developing a game in an attempt to utilise a console’s hardware to the max is not a new idea. Trying to do it before the next-gen consoles have even been released? Well that’s a different thing altogether, but it’s something that CD Projekt RED told Stickskills they’re going to do with their highly anticipated open […]

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The Witcher 3 dev CD Projekt RED explains briefly on its stance on core values with its consumer base. In speaking with Gamasutra on Wednesday (July 17), co-founder Marcin Iwinski touched on how genuine, consumer-friendly core values pay off for CD Projekt RED (as a group) and how sticking with that business model is worthwhile in the long […]

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With the upcoming The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, CD Projekt RED has promised fans of the series that they will be introduced to a huge setting for this upcoming title, which will provide players with an open world gameplay setting to traverse throughout. Taking advantage of the new RED Engine3 technology, The Witcher 3 has […]

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Following on from the impressive demo at E3, Polish developer CD Projekt Red producer, Marek Kiemak has been informing fans of the potential new combat employed in the open-world RPG: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt  “You have new ways to dodge enemies and parry their blows,” he said during an interview. “But also, for each magical sign, you can […]

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Talk about dedication to a property. The Witcher 2 has now been out for over two years on the PC platform, but that hasn’t stopped CD Projekt RED from continuing their work on this title. Released today, CD Projekt RED has launched an internally developed mod for The Witcher 2 called “Full Combat Rebalance 2.” […]

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Marcin Iwinski (the studio head of CD Projekt RED) spoke to Rock, Paper, Shotgun recently, telling them that The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will have free DLC on the PC platform. According to Iwinski, the studio is hoping to bring DLC to all platforms – including Xbox One and PlayStation 4 – free of charge. However, even […]

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Polish developer CD Projekt RED has released another round of eye-catching screenshots for the upcoming Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt, featuring their in-house developed REDengine 3, a new engine developed for next-generation machines. The Witcher series, often praised for its visuals and notorious for its demanding hardware requirements on PC, looks to continue refining the […]

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This month’s Gameinformer has revealed and detailed CD Projekt Red’s eagerly anticipated follow up to the critically acclaimed The Witcher 2.   Revealed via a feature in this month’s GameInformer, the next Witcher game is set to conclude the story of the epic RPG trilogy as well as bring a new and substantial open world […]