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PS Vita Hinted to Have Possible Price-drop

PS Vita

Sony’s “Hardware sales initiatives” hints to the PS Vita possibly getting a price-drop. According to their annual report, Sony has promised that it will boost the sales of their handheld platform, the PS Vita, through a process they have coined as “hardware sales initiatives”, which hints towards a possible price-drop for the platform in the future. Inside said report Sony have said, “for ...

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‘DUST 514’ Devs Negotiates F2P Submission Procedures

'DUST 514'

EVE Online developer CCP have been working with Sony to evolve the submission procedures for free-to-play games like their MMOShooter Dust 514. CCP confirmed this in an update on its DUST 514 website when discussing forthcoming updates and changes to Dust 514. As a result of its talks with Sony, CCP has promised it will submit near-monthly updates to DUST 514 over the next six months. This has ...

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PS4: “We’re Going to Have Superior Graphic Fidelity,” Says Sony SVP


On June 25, Sony’s senior vice president of PlayStation brand marketing Guy Longworth said in an interview with Games Industry that Sony believes that the PS4 will beat the Xbox One on graphical fidelity. This is quite an interesting assertion from Sony, saying that the PS4 will be the best console when it comes to graphical prowess. “The reality is that every time ...

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