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By Kieran Mackintosh On 30 Jul, 2013 At 10:27 AM | Categorized As Ext., Industry, News | With No Comments
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Plans for the future successor of Blu-ray discs have been unveiled! Sony and Panasonic have both revealed their plans to succeed Blu-ray discs. Both companies want the next generation of disc to hold up to at least a whopping 300Gbs of data by 2015. Today’s Blu-ray discs can only up to 50Gbs of data. Sony […]

By Kieran Mackintosh On 23 Jul, 2013 At 02:10 PM | Categorized As Featured, News, PS Vita | With 1 Comment
PS Vita

Sony’s “Hardware sales initiatives” hints to the PS Vita possibly getting a price-drop. According to their annual report, Sony has promised that it will boost the sales of their handheld platform, the PS Vita, through a process they have coined as “hardware sales initiatives”, which hints towards a possible price-drop for the platform in the future. Inside said […]

By Kieran Mackintosh On 1 Jul, 2013 At 09:16 AM | Categorized As EVE Online, Ext., News, PC, PS3 | With 1 Comment
'DUST 514'

EVE Online developer CCP have been working with Sony to evolve the submission procedures for free-to-play games like their MMOShooter Dust 514. CCP confirmed this in an update on its DUST 514 website when discussing forthcoming updates and changes to Dust 514. As a result of its talks with Sony, CCP has promised it will submit near-monthly updates to DUST 514 over the […]

By Kieran Mackintosh On 28 Jun, 2013 At 01:42 PM | Categorized As Featured, Knack, News, Next-Gen, PS4 | With No Comments
PlayStation 4 - 'Knack' Bundle #1

Well here’s something I’ve not done in a while: rumours! Yes, PS4 rumours – or rather a PS4 rumour - are back in the field. This rumour in particular suggests that Mark Cerny’s Knack, the first PS4 title to be shown at the PS4 announcement back in February, may be bundled with the PS4 upon launch day, along […]

By Kieran Mackintosh On 26 Jun, 2013 At 03:26 PM | Categorized As Featured, Industry, News, Next-Gen, PS4, Xbox One | With 1 Comment

On June 25, Sony’s senior vice president of PlayStation brand marketing Guy Longworth said in an interview with Games Industry that Sony believes that the PS4 will beat the Xbox One on graphical fidelity. This is quite an interesting assertion from Sony, saying that the PS4 will be the best console when it comes to graphical prowess. “The […]

By Kieran Mackintosh On 22 Jun, 2013 At 10:53 AM | Categorized As Featured, Industry, News, Next-Gen, PC, PS4, The Elder Scrolls Online, Xbox One | With No Comments
'The Elder Scrolls Online'

It’s undeniable that Sony are definitely getting  into everyone’s good books as of late. Even after the PlayStation 4′s initial announcement back in February Sony has been praised for reaching out to developers both big and small to better design their console, especially with allowing indie developers to self-publish. As confirmation that Sony have been […]

By Admin On 21 Jun, 2013 At 07:32 PM | Categorized As Ext., News, Next-Gen, PS4 | With No Comments

Since the initial reveal of Sony’s PS4, it has only been confirmed that the system will launch with a single SKU, without providing consumers with variations between system models. But, according to a report that was published by VideoGamer earlier today, this detail may change as the release date for the system approaches. Speaking with […]

By Manny Vivas On 6 Apr, 2013 At 10:02 AM | Categorized As Featured, News, Next-Gen, PS4 | With 1 Comment

It appears Sony is not looking to wait around. The company is scheduling yet another event to take place within the coming weeks in which they plan to further reveal the PS4. Little is known about the system itself, though Sony has unveiled a few specs as well as several games during their, “Future of Playstation,” event […]

By Kieran Mackintosh On 3 Apr, 2013 At 01:38 PM | Categorized As Ext., Industry, News, Next-Gen, Previews, PS4 | With 1 Comment

Sony’s Mark Cerny (PlayStation 4′s lead system architect) spoke to Japanese press (translated courtesy of NeoGAF) recently, regarding 4K resolutions in gaming. Sony have confirmed that the PlayStation 4 will support 4K video playback and downloads, but, according to Cerny, 4K gaming isn’t quite feasible yet. Essentially, 4K resolution is twice the resolution of FullHD […]

By Kieran Mackintosh On 2 Apr, 2013 At 03:35 PM | Categorized As Featured, Industry, News, Next-Gen, PS4 | With No Comments

Micheal Hogan, an executive Vice-President of strategy business and brand development at GameStop (a US-based bigwig video game retailer), has said – during a quarterly conference call with financial analysts – that GameStop expects the PlayStation 4 to hit the shelves worldwide later this year, but are doubtful that Sony will be able to meet […]

By Kieran Mackintosh On 1 Apr, 2013 At 08:56 PM | Categorized As Ext., Featured, Industry, News, Next-Gen, PS4 | With No Comments

Neal Robison, director of ISV relations at AMD, was delighted to speak to TechRadar about AMD’s involvement with Sony’s PlayStation 4, since – apparently – Sony spent more time talking about their new DualShock controller than AMD’s contributions. Robison went into detail about the APU that will be inside the next-gen PlayStation. Essentially, what AMD […]

By Fergus Halliday On 28 Jan, 2013 At 01:44 PM | Categorized As Featured, Industry, News, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, PS3 | With No Comments

The developer of one of Sony’s biggest titles of 2012 – Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale – has been hit with layoffs.   Word of the layoffs at the California- based studio broke out after Insomniac Games’ Mike Birkhead tweeted about them, commenting “Layoffs at SuperBot. When it rains, it pours”. In a later tweet regarding […]