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Screens of ‘Pokemon X and Y’s Interface Revealed

New screenshots of Pokemon X and Y’s graphical user interface have been revealed! Up until recently we have been only seeing screens and videos of Pokemon X and Y’s pokemon, environments, characters and villains. Now we finally get to see what we will be using the most: the graphical user interface! Screens of Pokemon X and Y’s battle interface and social interface have been released for your ...

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Pokemon X and Y: New Pokemon and Enemy Team revealed

New details have been announced for Pokemon X and Y in the latest issue of CoroCoro Magazine. The evil team is named Team Flare. They are obsessed with money and members include a gym leader sporting robotic arms named Shitoron, gym leader Zakuro and a professor called Purataanu. The brand new Pokemon are: Gorondo: Pancham’s evolution. It’s a Fighting/Dark type, ...

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Pokemon X and Y Limited Edition 3DS XL Systems Revealed for Japan

Earlier this week, we revealed that there would be a limited-edition Pokemon X and Y Nintendo 3DS system coming to Japan later this year. Finally, we have received further information about this limited-edition system. It has now been confirmed that there will actually be two limited edition Nintendo 3DS XLs coming to Japan. The two systems will complement the two ...

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