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By Gina Pusateri On 21 Jan, 2013 At 02:09 PM | Categorized As Featured, News, PS4 | With No Comments

Despite Sony keeping mum on details of the plans for the release of it’s new PlayStation 4, rumors continue to leak on the possible format of the game system. According to CVG, the new system will move away from its traditional DualShock controller and toward a controller that will attempt to emulate some of the […]

By Admin On 3 Jan, 2013 At 12:01 PM | Categorized As Featured, News, PS4 | With No Comments

Speaking of next generation consoles from Microsoft and Sony, many voices within the gaming industry has led us to believe that these systems will feature a new technology that will eliminate the used video game market. Through the use of this functionality, users will no longer have the ability to play second-hand titles. According to […]

By Admin On 31 Dec, 2012 At 01:44 PM | Categorized As Battlefield 3, Featured, News, PS4, Xbox 720 | With No Comments

[album id=5 template=extend] When Battlefield 3 was first showcased in 2011, everyone within throughout the video game industry was shocked and awed at the technical achievement that DICE was able to push forward with this title on the console and PC platforms. While the PC version of the game greatly surpassed the performance of the […]

By Admin On 15 Dec, 2012 At 12:36 PM | Categorized As News, PS4 | With No Comments

While official information regarding the next generation PlayStation, which is being referred to as the PS4 throughout the gaming community, PSM3 has decided to showcase many of the current rumors that have been surrounding this console. Through the information given in this post, two major features that have been sourced for the PS4 are spoken […]