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Tera Gets Four Unique Dungeons in Latest Patch


  Announced September 4th, En Masse Entertainment released four level-60 dungeons yesterday for players to go through. The Wonderholme is described as a 10-player trip down a rabbit hole in which a Bandersnatch has kidnapped the head Mysterium researcher, whom before being kidnapped was researching the Wonderholme itself. Her fellow researchers offer you a hefty reward to rescuing her. Will ...

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‘Star Citizen’ Video Shows Off Ship Animation

'Star Citizen'

Cloud Imperium Games shows off detailed ship animations from Star Citizen in a video snippet from its 24-hour livestream. The successful Kickstarter project Star Citizen has recently had a video released of one if its ships, detailing an array of animations model detail. The video itself is a snippet from Cloud Imperium Games’ recent 24-hour livestream. For those who are unaware of Star Citizen, Star Citizen is an ...

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Jagex Issues 13 Layoffs from ‘Transformers Universe’

'Transformers Universe'

UK-based developer Jagex has issued 13 layoffs from the Transformers Universe MMO development team. Jagex, the UK developer behind RuneScape, has confirmed to Eurogamer that 13 members of its staff behind the development of the browser-based free-to-play MMO Transformers Universe have been laid off. A Jagex spokesperson has stated to Eurogamer that the loss of staff will not “adversely impact” the development of its free-to-play ...

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‘DUST 514’ Devs Negotiates F2P Submission Procedures

'DUST 514'

EVE Online developer CCP have been working with Sony to evolve the submission procedures for free-to-play games like their MMOShooter Dust 514. CCP confirmed this in an update on its DUST 514 website when discussing forthcoming updates and changes to Dust 514. As a result of its talks with Sony, CCP has promised it will submit near-monthly updates to DUST 514 over the next six months. This has ...

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CCP Announces ‘EVE Online’ TV and Comic Series


CCP Games, EVE Online’s developer, has announced a creative partnership with Icelandic film director Baltasar Kormáku to bring the player-influenced universe of EVE Online to TV screens around the world. During the same day, CCP also announced a partnership with Dark Horse Comics to create a comic series based in the EVE Online (including DUST 514) universe called “EVE: True ...

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