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Microsoft Reveals Xbox One Self-publishing Plans

Xbox One - #2

Microsoft has revealed that all Xbox Ones can operate as development kits, implying self-publishing for indie devs. Reports on this story surfaced throughout the day. It seems that the PS4 will not be the only console to allow indie developers to self-publish on their next-gen console. Microsoft’s Xbox corporate VP Marc Whitten has confirmed that indies will be able to self-publish on the Xbox ...

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PS4: “We’re Going to Have Superior Graphic Fidelity,” Says Sony SVP


On June 25, Sony’s senior vice president of PlayStation brand marketing Guy Longworth said in an interview with Games Industry that Sony believes that the PS4 will beat the Xbox One on graphical fidelity. This is quite an interesting assertion from Sony, saying that the PS4 will be the best console when it comes to graphical prowess. “The reality is that every time ...

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Microsoft Resigns Xbox One DRM/Always Online Requirements


Did this seriously just happen? I mean really? Hold on; I need to double check…yup! It’s a thing! That’s right: Microsoft have ditched their always online policy for their Xbox One console after hearing feedback. This effectively means that Microsoft will resign the Xbox One’s DRM policies of used games and for the console requiring mandatory access to the internet ...

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