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Halo Wars 2 Release Date PC: Halo 6 To End Franchise? Characters, Story Details Revealed

Halo Wars 2

With Master Chief’s life in peril and his allies out in the picture, is this the final chapter of his adventure? It seems Halo Wars 2 holds the answer to our questions. Players and reviewers got to try the new gameplay modes of Microsoft’s Halo Wars 2 a few weeks ago, revealing a few things about the game. However, 343 Industries has more to ...

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Xbox Free Games with Gold October 2016 Complete List is TERRIBLE! PS Plus Better?

Microsoft has already announced the titles included in the Xbox Free Games with Gold October 2016 list. However, fans aren’t very happy with lot as it fails to offer AAA games. Xbox Games with Gold October 2016 has already been confirmed, and it seems the tech company has missed the point this upcoming month. Compared to the Games with Gold ...

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Microsoft is No Long Manufacturing Xbox 360s


After over 10 years of service, Microsoft is no longer manufacturing manufacturing new 360 consoles. They’ll still sell what’s left of their stocks, but there won’t be any new ones. Of course the 360 is still really active, so while Microsoft is no longer making the console, support isn’t stopping anytime soon. The important points, though, are these: Xbox 360 owners ...

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Games Bought Through the Windows 10 Store Will Soon Support Nifty Things Like Modding and Vsync


In addition to the news out of Build 2016 today that Xbox Ones would soon be able to switch to a dev kit mode, Microsoft also let loose some details about improvements to their new Universal Windows Platform (UWP) API. You know all those things that bug you about games bought through the Windows 10 store? Yeah, most of those ...

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Microsoft Putting the Axe to Two Studios


Microsoft announced today that it was closing one studio, Press Play out of Denmark, and considering the possibility of closing another, the UK-based Lionhead. That’s right, the future of the makers of Fable and Black & White is in question. Since Peter Molyneux took his 22 Cans and left in 2012, Lionhead has basically coasted along. First with Fable: The Journey, and more recently with still unreleased ...

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Phil Spencer Teases a Universal Windows Platform, Xbox Two May Never Come

Universal Windows Platform

Instead of releasing a new console in a few years, Microsoft might start upgrading the Xbox One instead. If this comes to pass, it would be pretty damn revolutionary. Spencer said that Microsoft wants to unify the Xbox One and Windows Platform into a “Universal Windows Platform.” If anything, this sounds like what Steam’s already doing with the Steambox. He ...

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