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Battlefield 1 Trailer & Single Player Gameplay Details Revealed! What You Need to Know

Game giant Electronic Arts finally released the official Battlefield 1 trailer and single player gameplay video today. EA promised that they would be releasing a video soon and that promise came to fruition today, after gamers eagerly awaited a sneak peek into the game’s single player experience. Gaming website Gamespot first featured the short, 2 minute Battlefield 1 trailer video in this article. Later ...

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BioWare Artist Shares Early ‘Mass Effect’ Art

Matt Rhodes - Catalyst

Veteran BioWare artist Matt Rhodes has shared an array of early concept art from across the Mass Effect trilogy. BioWare’s veteran artist Matt Rhodes has posted up several concept art pieces of early designs from throughout the Mass Effect series. Some of the pieces in particular are very early ideas for environments and characters, and the series’ conclusion to boot. These concept pieces ...

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EA Gets New ‘College Football’ Contract

'NCAA Football 14'

Publisher EA finds a way around NCAA’s decision to no longer renew its licensing agreement with CIC contract for College Football series. Following yesterday’s news of the NCAA no longer renewing EA’s contract for the NCAA Football license, the Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC), an organisation that manages the licensing of college football programs, has signed its own contract with EA and EA Sports. The NCAA decided not to ...

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Battlefield 4 System Requirements Leaked, Possible Placeholder


Rumor has it that Ubisoft’s Online Store, UPlay, knows the system requirements of EA’s eagerly awaited, “Battlefield 4″. This came as quite the surprise to Redditor Offspring, listed as an EA employee/Origin producer, who said ”I don’t believe the final system requirements have been decided yet, and this looks a lot like placeholder system requirements from BF3 with a couple of ...

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Battlefield 4 Collectors Edition Leaked by Czech Retailer, XZone

battlefield 4

You may remember a couple of days ago, I wrote an article about UK Retailer, GAME, and their exclusive Battlefield 4 Deluxe Edition. Well it seems that they aren’t the only ones with an exclusive, as Czech Retailer, XZone, has also released the details of their Battlefield 4 Collector’s Edition.  As it contains more goodies than the GAME Deluxe edition, it’s asking ...

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‘NCAA Football’ License No Longer Contracted to EA [UPDATED]


The NCAA has decided to not renew its NCAA Football series contract with EA because of legal issues. UPDATE: Publisher EA finds a way around NCAA’s decision to no longer renew its licensing agreement with CIC contract for College Football series. ORIGINAL STORY: American college football body National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) released a statement recently saying that it has made “the decision not ...

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EA Exec Intends to “Re-establish Origin” for Gamers


For some of you who may be forced to use EA’s digital distributor Origin, this may come as good news. In an interview with GamesIndustry during E3, EA’s executive vice president Andrew Wilson said that the next step for Origin’s evolution is to “re-establish Origin as a service to gamers.” Wilson’s history with Origin goes back to its inception, where ...

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